Masterclass 2018


Yanka Hékimova

6th-12th August 2018


The masterclass will take place on the organ – enlarged and renewed by Orgelbau Klais, Bonn (Germany) in the Chuch of Saint-Gabriel and on other instruments.

Works from the repertory and transcriptions will be studied, while constantly seeking to let hear the most clearly possible subtleties of the writing without ever losing sight of the general outline of the piece in order to build a coherent and expressive unit.

A detailed attention will be given to the development of the personality of each participant by stimulating his (her) imagination, by encouraging him (her) and by helping him (her) to work out his (her) interpretation of the pieces presented in harmony with his (her) own sensitivity.


Students embarking on a professional career, concert organists, music teachers as well as amateur organists (level allowing them to benefit from the course).

Teaching languages

French, English, German, Russian, Bulgarian

Participants' concert

A concert will be performed by the participants at 4 pm on Sunday afternoon, the 12th of August 2018.


• Application form, filled out and signed. Deadline : August 1st.

• Documents Musical curriculum vitae (in any of French, English, German, Italian, Russian, Bulgarian or Spanish)

•Applications should be addressed by email to

Course conditions

• The master class will run from August 6th to 12th, in the morning or in the afternoon, depending on the availability of the locations. Time table will be established by Yanka Hekimova.

• The master class is also open to members of the general public as well as non-playing observers. Important ! For safety reason, the church is closed during the masterclass. If you wish to attend a session, please call 06 99 07 64 63 the day before your visit ! Thank you.

Course fees

Enrolled participants : € 250

• For minor participants (under the age of 18), the parent(s) or a legal representative person must fill the special form enclosed within the application form and stating that the Associations ORFEI and AOSG will not be held responsible in any case.

• The planners of this masterclass cannot be liable for any theft or damage to the personal belongings and strongly advise the applicants to take out an individual insurance policy. Any damage will be invoiced to the person who caused it.

• The event planners have authority to take every action they think is necessary, should any type of emergency occur


• By cheque, for French participants only, on Monday August 6th, before the beginning of the course

• By cash in € currency, on Monday August 6th, before the beginning of the course

• By international transfer. Deadline for tranfer : August 1st, 2018 - to the following bank account :


The above fees are non-residential and participants must arrange their own accommodation.

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